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Employment Opportunites with Town & Country

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Job Title: Guest Services Representative

Duration: Preferably no longer than 2 years. This is NOT a career. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable social skills.

Hours: Scheduling may vary greatly from week to week, month to month, much of which is based upon performance.

Salary: $7.50 /hour

Job Description: 

Front Desk Reps are responsible for handling most things that occur at the hotel. This is where the rubber meets the road. Responsible for:

  • Reservation process including receiving phone calls, answering inquiries and securing sales, retrieving existing reservations to answer any inquiries that may be addressed and general oversee of the records attached.
  • Check-in process including securing required additional information such as Credit Cards and any applicable identification. Naturally you will be continually judged on whether or not you can be trusted with sensitive information.
  • Overall Guest Service Accommodations and Experience including: requested driving directions, dining options, recreational activities, and any/all inquiries from hundreds of guests lodging from anywhere in the world.

Special Skills or other Requirements: 

  • Spotless background and overall character since extremely sensitive data is collected/handled every day.
  • High learning curve to constantly assimilate new training and instruction.
  • Familiar with computers, telephones, printers etc. and comfortable with their utilization.
  • Ability to handle stressful situations that may arise from difficult guests.
  • Resolution and attention to every guest's concerns.
  • An overall desire to learn, be taught and succeed.

Other Information: 

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